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The Studio Be Salon Wash House

By November 14, 2022November 15th, 2022About

The Studio Be Salon Wash House is a serene space separate from the hustle and bustle of the salon floor. It’s been designed to deliver an exceptionally soothing experience during your favorite service. The Wash House is a dimly lit, peaceful environment meant to ease your stresses with soft spa-like music. At every visit, we offer a prescriptive cleanse and condition using professional salon grade products, a steam towel placed under your neck or over your face, and a relaxing scalp massage to top it all off. This standard experience in and of itself is divine. How could it get better than this? Let’s talk about extending your stay in the Wash House.

Wash House Treatments

  1. Our most popular treatment option is the Refuge Hair Treatments. Refuge is a locally owned, high-performing treatment system that leaves your hair feeling brand new after only a few minutes. It comes in four different combine-able options. Our “Redew” treatment is a Colorado crowd favorite as it adds a deep sense of moisture to the hair. You can also fortify the inner strength of your hair with a “Rehab” treatment and strengthen damaged hair strands. Breathe life into your lifeless locks and target signs of aging while promoting optimal density with the Refuge “Reamp” treatment. Lastly, improve root health, soothe your scalp, and promote growth with the “Rejuv” treatment.
  2. We also offer two treatments not listed on the service menu, the first is the “Awaphui Keratriplex Treatment.” The Keratriplex is a multi-step treatment that helps to transform weak, broken, and brittle strands into pillars of strength. You can expect up 80% less breakage, up to 35% more shine and up to 67% less color fade. The second one is our  “Awapuhi Hydratriplex Treatment.” The Hydratriplex comes from the same family as the Keratriplex, but works differently. The triple action deeply penetrates to moisturize, bind, and seal the hair strand with a combination of lush hydrating ingredients. This concentrated treatment instantly improves softness and manageability by 82% in just 10-15 minutes! The Hydratriplex is ideal for someone who struggles with excess dryness, dullness, or frizziness.

Wash House Enhancements

First up is what we like to call Ten Minutes in Heaven. This takes your standard experience to the next level so you can enjoy a longer massage in the Wash House. Extending your massage can help to melt away the days’ stresses, but it also offers some physical benefits. This option is for anyone who experiences stress, a dry itchy scalp, weak follicles, or if you’re just craving more! A longer massage can help condition the scalp, improve blood circulation, and help anchor the root of your hair to help promote healthy hair growth.

When was the last time you really thought about scalp care? A Scalp Facial is a great option to enhance the overall health of your scalp. It starts with an exfoliating sugar scrub and includes multiple steps from our Surface Awaken line or our Oribe Serene Scalp line to help soothe scalp troubles. This is ideal for anyone who struggles with dry scalp, itchiness, oiliness, seasonal hair loss, or dandruff. Vitamins, botanicals, and amino acids from the Scalp Facial provide color-safe cellular rejuvenation and help to promote a healthy follicle.

Add a glorious sense of shine to your hair by choosing a Top Coat at your service. In addition to a high gloss look, the Top Coat will also protect your hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is so important at our high Colorado altitude! The sun will try to take essential nutrients from your hair strand and make your hair color fade faster. A Top Coat is applied after shampooing and processes for 10-15 minutes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new radiantly shiny hair!

If you’re looking to enhance or personalize your hair color, especially for our highlight or balayage guests, a Toner is a quick service to achieve your desired color results. A Toner is often required to refine your hair color immediately after the initial lightening service. You can also book a reservation for a blow out and a Toner to refresh your hair in between hi-light services to spend more time in our spa-like Wash House and ensure that your hair color is always en pointe.

Base Shade is a color service enhancement. It adds a slight depth towards the base or scalp area of your hair to blend fresh color for a seamless “lived-in” look. This service helps to melt your color from darker to light for a softer blend that delivers an Instagram worthy hair color. Choosing to indulge in a Base Shade can help you stretch out your appointments. Having a softer blend from the roots makes your color less high-maintenance, ensuring that you love your hair longer.

Did you know Studio Be Salon offers facial waxing services? While you’re getting your hair refreshed, we can help you with a quick eyebrow, lip, or chin wax while you’re in the Wash House.

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