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The FiLL with Qnity

By May 23, 2024About, Culture, Events, News

Elevating our Business at Studio Be Salon- Insights from The FiLL Conference by Qnity

This week, the leadership team at Studio Be Salon had the incredible opportunity to attend The FiLL Conference by Qnity in Austin, Texas. It was an experience filled with inspiration, connection, and a renewed dedication to providing the exceptional service our valued clients deserve. The FiLL isn’t just any conference – it’s a gathering of passionate beauty and wellness professionals from around the world. We came together to learn from industry leaders, share ideas that push boundaries, and discover the latest tools and strategies for success and growth.

Taking a LEAP

The conference rooms were buzzing with creative energy, where salon owners and leaders were exchanging ideas about the future of our industry. Qnity, the powerhouse behind The FiLL, focuses on financial wellness for beauty and wellness businesses. Their simple visual tools, data, keynote speakers, immersive workshops, and coaching provided us with a clear path to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable growth at Studio Be Salon.

Qnity is committed to improving the professional and personal lives of beauty and wellness professionals. The FiLL’s theme, “Take a Leap. FiLL the Gaps,” means making a bold decision or action, often involving a degree of risk or uncertainty. It implies moving forward with courage and decisiveness. This perfectly captured the spirit of the conference, encouraging attendees to identify areas for improvement and take decisive action to achieve their goals. The conference had us discuss the leaps we are making in our business, exchange top practices, and network with some of the most forward-thinking individuals in the industry.

One of the highlights of the conference was the opportunity to engage with experts at the forefront of industry innovation. Renowned speakers and innovative workshops on business growth, operations, team development, and client experience filled the event. It was an enriching experience, surrounded by individuals with years of expertise and a wealth of knowledge.

Networking with fellow industry professionals was another significant benefit of attending The FiLL Conference. We connected with business owners and leaders from various parts of the world, all sharing a common goal: to elevate the standards of service, client satisfaction, business operations, and empowering our team. These interactions provided us with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that we are excited to implement at Studio Be Salon.

At Studio Be Salon, we have always prioritized our clients, ensuring they receive not only the best services but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The strategies and practices shared at the conference will help us further enhance our client experience, making every visit to our salon unforgettable

Our time at The FiLL Conference by Qnity was both educational and inspiring. It reinforced our commitment to excellence and provided us with new tools and ideas to continue improving our services. We are excited to bring these innovations back to our salons and look forward to seeing the positive impact on our clients and team members.

Studio Be Salon remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry, always seeking new ways to provide excellence to our clients and support our talented team. The insights and connections gained at The FiLL Conference will undoubtedly play a crucial role in our ongoing journey of growth and excellence.

Q&A: We Asked Our Leaders, What Is Your Takeaway from The FiLL?

Sarah B | General Manager

“What I love most about The FiLL Conference is the invaluable opportunity to connect with like-minded industry leaders. This event allows us to exchange best practices and gather innovative ideas to bring back to our teams at Studio Be Salon. It’s inspiring to hear how other industry leaders from around the world are enhancing their guest experiences. This exchange of ideas ensures that we are constantly elevating the service we provide to our valued clients. At the heart of it all, our goal is to deliver exceptional services and create an unparalleled experience for our community. This is why we do what we do—to offer something truly unique and extraordinary to our guests.”

Sarah A | Marketing Manager

“The FiLL opened my eyes to the latest trends in the beauty industry, but more importantly, it provided me with a treasure of tools I can use with the rest of my team and leaders to truly engage, build relationships, and deliver experiences that showcase the heart of Studio Be Salon. It’s not just about the technical aspects of marketing anymore – it’s about creating a conversation, fostering connections, and crafting experiences that tell our unique story. The FiLL reminded me that marketing is all about building a community – a community that feels valued, understood, and inspired by the Studio Be Salon experience.”

Melaina M | Old Town Fort Collins Manager

“What I truly enjoyed about The FiLL Conference was the chance to network with like-minded professionals who share the same passion for the industry. My favorite sessions focused on the art of communication, particularly how to understand and adapt to the unique communication styles of our stylists. It’s crucial to read the room and connect with each team member in a way that resonates with them. Another standout session was on diversity and inclusion, emphasizing the importance of avoiding biases and fostering a welcoming environment for everyone. Additionally, I found the class on visualizing KPIs and goals incredibly insightful. Rather than just presenting numbers, this approach makes our objectives more tangible and motivating for the team. These insights will be invaluable as we continue to elevate our service and create a more inclusive and engaging salon environment.”

Rylee S | Loveland Manager

“Attending The FiLL for the first time this year was incredibly inspiring. Being surrounded by so many like-minded, strong-willed, go-getter personalities brought a new sense of excitement for the future. We heard countless inspiring stories and ‘lightbulb’ moments and had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry. We gained valuable tools to enhance our leadership and elevate our customer experience. Changing lives one lightbulb moment at a time!”

Nina S | South Fort Collins Manager

“As a first-time attendee at The FiLL, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Listening to industry leaders, stylists, educators, and professionals from outside the industry expanded my capacity for growth. We learned about driving business through exceptional experiences and curating personalized support for team members using Qnity tools. Three key statements resonated with me: 1) sustainability comes from good education and communication, 2) communities thrive when their members feel empowered through knowledge and consistency, and 3) solutions must be creative and tailored to each unique situation. I left The FiLL filled with inspiration, appreciation, and excitement. I can’t wait for next year!”

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