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The Business of Studio Be Salon

By October 7, 2022October 10th, 2022About, Brands, Culture

Studio Be Salon isn’t just a hair salon–we’re a community. Our company is built on culture and core values that define who we are and how we live. We are a family and by nature we love, care for, and respect one another. We also believe in being experts in what we do. When it comes to the business of Studio Be Salon we develop our stylists to be the experts in all things hair and train them to be the best technically, professionally and relationally.

Meet Nikki

Nikki Swango is an incredible stylist and business coach. She is hosting an advanced education class for our stylists this weekend at our Loveland location. We sat down with her to get her insight on what makes the business of Studio Be Salon work.

Why is business training important for hairstylists?

I think the number one reason business training is so important for a hairstylist is because hairdressing is still not viewed as a first choice career. With so many variables skewing the reality of success as a stylist, I think it’s important for stylists to understand how they embrace the choice and investment they made into their license in order to provide an experience someone didn’t know they could live without, and a lucrative income; allowing a stylist to provide for themselves, their families, and pouring back into the local economy. As our world shifts and keeps embracing entrepreneurship, we hope to provide the resources to our staff, our guests, and our future employees as to why you can do what you love without the pressures of the stereotypical 4 year degree. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” Confucius once said

Why do we develop our stylists to be the experts in all things hair and train them to be the best technically, professionally and relationally? 

Training boosts a feeling of value. It shows our employees and our guests that we are  committed to providing them with the resources needed. You come into a salon for a reason, just like you see a physician when your sick, a banker when you need financial assistance, etc. These roles are intended to be the problem solvers of their expertise. You go to these providers because they should know more about this area than yourself. As a hairstylist it is our job to be your problem solver for all things “stylin!” My favorite part of this career is that we have the opportunity to influence and inspire those around us. We encompass the term stylist, being the expertise not only in all things hair, but in making you look good and feel even better!  Our careers revolve around helping people feel good. We have to not only know the ins/outs/science/art behind the hair but have excellent communication skills in order to actively listen, and respond to our guests queries.

sylist studio be salon in fort collins colorado
Chelsea gives 5 star service in Fort Collins
How do we develop our stylists to become the experts?

Our stylists work incredibly hard!! I’ve never met so many driven individuals in my life. They pour a lot of hours outside their salon shifts into themselves, and each other to keep elevating for the most incredible experience they can provide to our guests. Every stylist that is employed in our salon goes through an apprenticeship program, no matter how many years experience they have behind them. They work in salon alongside experienced team members, attend many classes, and mentorship programs. Post apprenticeship, we have ongoing education every month, a mentorship program, we attend hair shows, we provide culture trips, and provide tools for our stylists through a company called Qnity in order to get that right and left brain working together and helping our staff achieve what success means to them! We are blessed enough to have an in house Artistic Director. Meaning we have a role committed solely to the education for our staff. He has his finger on the pulse when it comes to changes in the industry, new trends on the horizon, and bringing in education that inspires our stylists. Continued learning inspires our stylists, and keeps everyone fresh with new ideas and problem-solving skills! 

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Chelsi gives 5 star service in Fort Collins

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