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Refuge Hair

By January 5, 2022June 17th, 2023Brands

Refuge is a hair care company proudly born in a salon. Not just any salon, your salon – Studio Be.

Beth Weber Founder of Refuge Hair and Studio Be Salon

If we have not personally met yet, my name is Beth Weber and I am the Founder of Studio Be Salon and REFUGE Hair Care. I am a stylist, beauty minimalist, hair health evangelist and have been working behind the chair for 20 years. However, over the last 4 years I have spent most of my energy working in tandem with experienced Studio Be stylists, my Refuge Team, and with an expert clean beauty chemist to perfect our in-salon treatments and our at home hair care systems.

Refuge Hair Care was founded with 3 main convictions:

  1. Our formulations had to be incredibly effective + results driven. As hair industry professionals, we understood the strain that was being put on client’s hair via color services, excessive heat styling, as well as environmental stressors. As a team we formulated, tested, and reformulated and retested until our products were performing better than any other professional brands we had previously experienced. In truth, as professional stylists we have access to the best beauty brands in the world therefore we know what products really work and where our current product options fall short. Insert, results focused REFUGE HAIR. 🙂
  2. Our REFUGE formulas needed to be clean. Looking great matters, however personal health + beliefs should never be sacrificed. As we formulated, it was a priority for us to strictly adhere to the most stringent guidelines out there for clean beauty – using powerful ingredients, meticulously sourced for purity. Products with the ability to repair, hydrate, protect, and encourage real hair growth. Standing out against products that claimed to work and providing REFUGE products that really performed.
  3. Refuge needed to prioritize hair care as self-care. This is a concept that is often not a part of people’s weekly routine. Self Care is far too important to be put on the back burner. Packaged in 3 steps and gently scented with comforting essences of neroli, black pepper and sandalwood – Our REFUGE systems have maximum hair health benefits in a simple selfcare routine you deserve.

At Studio Be we take hair health very seriously. Our Refuge Regimens + Systems are the tools I needed as a stylist, but never felt any other brands quite hit the mark on delivering. This was my why in creating REFUGE Hair Care. Focusing on results and quality while also making sure REFUGE was good for people and the planet. I may not have a degree in marketing or finance but I do have real experience with real people. And I know hair and what happens when it is not properly cared for. This is the difference of a beauty brand created in a salon and not a boardroom.

I am so proud to have developed REFUGE alongside Studio Be Salon and I hope you too have the opportunity to experience the hair health + self care benefits of Refuge Hair.

xoxo- Beth