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Paul Mitchell Shines Despite Global Supply Chain Crisis

As we all continue to experience interruptions with product availability from groceries to toiletries, Paul Mitchell shines with creative solutions to keep the shelves stocked and guests happy.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Help Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner

Solutions with Michael Alstott of John Paul Mitchell Systems


Paul Mitchell is leading the charge with incredible product options and veteran distribution professionals like Regional Sales Director Michael Alstott.

Michael Alstott is a thirty-year distribution specialist and the Regional Sales Director for John Paul Mitchell Systems. He works with distributors and salons across the country to ensure that you have what you need.

We asked him some questions about how Paul Mitchell is doing so well during these difficult times.

  • How is JPMS navigating the ‘rough waters?’

“Navigating” is a great word to use here! We’ve been adapting to the issues at hand, while understanding the issues themselves are ever-changing. With our commitment to ethically sourced ingredients and environmentally conscious packaging, we source our product and packaging globally to find components that fit.  We have been looking at new ways to stay true to those sustainability pledges while continuing to provide the quality products our salons know and trust.  We’re making great headway there which is really exciting for all of us.”

  • Do you for see everything going back to normal at some point?

“I really can’t speak to “normal” as it pertains to supply chain, but I can tell you we feel great about the progress we’re making and the direction we’re heading!”

  • What’s the best way for the guest to get products that can replace the ones that are back ordered?

“That’s an easy one! Ask your stylist. JPMS has a product wardrobe for every hair type and texture, and the salon professional knows which wardrobe is right for you.”

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At Studio Be Salon we are proud to work with such incredible professionals like Michael and John Paul Mitchell Systems. Our expert stylists can help you navigate the products with expertise to find you exactly what you need.