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Our Culture

Studio Be Salon isn’t just a hair salon, we’re a community. We believe in cultivating and fostering a team culture that feels like family.
Since our humble beginning in 2005, we’ve grown from a single family-owned salon into an entire family of stylists and clients alike, serving guests at five locations across Northern Colorado in Fort Collins, Loveland and Boulder.

Built On Culture

Our company is built on culture and core values that define who we are and how we live. We are a family and by nature we love, care for, and respect one another.

This is why we celebrate our industry’s lowest possible turnover rate and how we have positioned ourselves as one of the Top 200 fastest growing hair salons in North America (Salon Today Magazine)!

stylist at sunset

Advanced Education Opportunities

We believe in growth!

We provide advanced education opportunities, professional development coaching and extensions certifications so you can expand your services and take your styling to the next level, with training from industry pro’s like Colin Caruso, Paula Peralta, Robert Cromeans and more.


Professional Partnerships

We believe in partnerships!

We’ve partnered as a focus salon with Paul Mitchell, carrying all of the PM Color brands on our color bar. We also partner with Surface Hair, Oribe and R+CO on our styling stations, back bar and retail options.

stylist curling hair
stylist with client

Work/Life Balance

We believe in a work/life balance!

Our stylists work six hour shifts for ample time at home.


We believe in taking care of our family!

We offer healthcare, dental, vision, 401K and paid vacation.

We also have a Guest Experience Center that takes care of booking and confirming guests so you can focus on styling.


Culture Trips

We also believe in having fun!

We regularly celebrate our team with culture trips and team experiences, with past destinations such as Mexico and Las Vegas.

Why our stylists love Studio Be Salon:

The continuing education makes me feel extremely supported. I don't feel thrown to the wolves and expected to survive. I always feel comfortable asking questions. I love that no matter where you are in your career, everyone at Studio Be starts as an Apprentice, which gives a seamless experience across the employees. You know everyone has been in your exact shoes. Which also is so inspiring to see the Partner stylists and know they started right where you are. I've found career motivation and inspiration I never knew I had in me. Studio Be is giving me an invaluble foundation, structure, and knowledge base.

Junior Stylist Anne M.

Studio Be is my passion and I will always believe in this company. I like that Studio Be understands weaknesses but focuses on our strengths. I am grateful for the education Studio Be offers, I’m always learning something new every day whether that’s from my coworkers, hair videos, or Paul Mitchell educators. I love that I can utilize what I learn to action and grow more each day!

Partner Stylist Caitlyn W.

Studio Be Salon really pushes you out of your comfort zone, and the growth that it results in far outweighs the discomfort. I’m grateful for Studio Be Salon as a whole, and for all of the education that is provided. I’m grateful for all that I have learned while working here, including the value of apprentices, selling retail, and all of the amazing technical skills.

I’m grateful to work for a place that supports your goals. Not just professional, but mental, physical, spiritual, and everything in between. I’m grateful to work for a place where I’ve only been working for 3 years but I’ve been able to move up and progress relatively quickly, resulting in meeting one of my personal financial goals of buying a house.

Master Stylist Sydni W.

I am grateful for a team of women that are willing to be vulnerable even when talking about tough topics, willing to give grace to one another when we could have done things better, and who I know genuinely want the best for one another and the team as a whole.

I'm thankful Studio Be Salon is active inside of the schools in the Denver area. Since I'm not from Colorado, I knew nothing about salons when I moved here! Studio Be stuck out for me. The impression the team left on me there is ultimately how I became a stylist.

Senior Stylist Danielle W.

I am grateful for a job to come into everyday and the space to create, uplift influence and inspire others whether it’s guests or teammates to be the best version of themselves. I am grateful to be involved in a business who always puts the people first, who doesn’t allow me to become complacent, who keeps me humble. Studio Be was my passion before hair was my passion. This company inspired me to become a stylist. This company inspired me to be a leader.

Partner Stylist Nikee S.

Top 200 Salon

Our salons are ranked among the top 200 salons in North America by Salon Today, and won NoCo Style People’s Choice Award for the Best Salon of Northern Colorado.

We maintain a rating of 4.5 stars and above at each location due to our expertise and attention to the total care of each of our clients.

Join Our Team

We believe in sharing our passion!

Our passion for our art, our passion for being unforgettable for our guests, and our passion for providing great spaces to showcase our talented and passionate team.