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Our Summer Bundle: Refresh & Revive Your Hair

By July 24, 2023Sale, Trends

Summer Bundle: Haircut, Toner, Highlights, and 10-Minutes in Heaven…Only $200!

Turn the Heat Up on Your Summer Look!

Summer hair discount

At Studio Be Salon, we’re constantly dreaming up new ways to spoil you with salon experiences that exceed expectations. This summer, we’re taking indulgence to a whole new level with our Summer Bundle. This bundle is specifically designed to rejuvenate your look, elevate your confidence, and provide you with a much-deserved dose of pampering.

Studio Be Salon’s Summer Bundle:

Visualize a summer makeover that transforms your look. For only $200, our skilled Junior stylists provide a luxury experience which includes four key elements that are not only valuable but essential for your glamorous transformation.

Summer blonde hair

Hair by Gus at our Boulder location

An Expert Cut:

This journey towards hair revitalization starts with a haircut. Our stylists excel in their craft, bringing both expertise and an understanding of the latest trends to the table. Whether you’re craving a sleek bob or luscious layers, this tailored haircut will be the foundation of your summer glow-up. A new haircut is a significant step in creating a stunning visual impact and establishing a personal style statement.

brunette with highlights

Hair by Kortney at our Front Range location

Full Highlight:

Nothing captures the essence of summer quite like highlights. Our stylists will masterfully weave fine strands of lighter tones throughout your hair, creating an overall luminosity that adds dimension to your hair. Highlights are not just about color variation; they add depth, dimension, and a subtle brilliance that elevates your hair from ordinary to extraordinary.

Summer hair

Hair by Alainna at our Loveland location


The inclusion of a toner treatment in our Summer Bundle is the game-changer. It adds a personalized touch to your highlights, creating a vibrant, nuanced shade that complements your skin tone and enhances your overall look. Toner can drastically transform your color’s intensity and undertones, making your hair look healthier, shinier, and more put-together. It’s the secret sauce that completes your summer color transformation.

Discount hair bundle

Hair by Kayla at our Old Town location

10 Minutes in Heaven: Nourishment and Relaxation Redefined

A signature service of Studio Be Salon, the 10 Minutes in Heaven experience, takes your salon visit from routine to extraordinary. For ten serene minutes, you’ll be pampered as our team nourishes your hair, creating a blissful, calming escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This relaxing experience enriches your hair and mind, enhancing the value of the Summer Bundle.

beautiful blonde

Hair by Jada at our Loveland location

Securing Your Appointment: The Time is Now!

This Summer Bundle is truly an unmatched deal that transforms your hair while providing an exceptional salon experience. Our Junior stylists are excited to showcase their skills and pamper you with this limited-time offer.

To book your appointment, give us a call at (970) 416-0400 or conveniently book online at

Our dedicated team is ready to guide you in scheduling your appointment, ensuring a memorable visit to Studio Be Salon.

Don’t delay!

Secure your spot now for the Summer Bundle – available from July 1st to August 15th. Welcome a new season with an all-new look and indulge in the luxurious services Studio Be Salon is renowned for. We can’t wait to transform your summer story into a tale of beauty and self-care.

Remember, great hair doesn’t happen by chance; it happens by appointment!