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Studio Be Salon Mom Life

By September 23, 2022Culture

Moms, grandmothers, aunts – you have a lot on your plates. Between taking care of kids, work, housework and more, it can be a lot. We know that taking care of yourself sometimes comes last. That’s where we can help!

We sat down with three of our Studio Be Salon moms and found out how they decompress and make life easier for themselves.

Paulina – Loveland

Paulina is a partner stylist at Studio Be Salon in Loveland. She took the time to tell us how she stays sane during these busy fall months.

My favorite way to decompress is to go have a good margarita and some good food with friends. Another one of my favorite activities is a weekend get away and a little retail therapy. One of my favorite mom products is the Doona car seat and stroller. You don’t have to deal with both a stroller and a car seat. The car seat simply turns into a stroller! It’s so convenient for busy moms on the go!

Paulina – Studio Be Salon Loveland
Favorite Mom Hair Product

Surface Awaken Shampoo! It’s a staple for post postpartum hair loss but also I can go longer without washing my hair because of all the detoxification agents!”

Chelsea – Fort Collins

Chelsea is a partner stylist at Studio Be Salon in Fort Collins. She took time out making Fort Collins look beautiful to tell us how she handles being a bonus mom.

As a bonus mom I am so lucky to have one week to myself and one week with my kids. Both weeks are relaxing in different ways. When I have the kids, my weeks are sometimes easier because we stick to a schedule. Also, I choose to not work extra hours and soak in all the family dinners I can. Family dinners are big deal at our house! When it’s my time without them, I definitely have ‘treat yourself’ Fridays. I will get my nails done, get a facial and then spend time with with my besties!

Chelsea – Studio Be Salon Fort Collins
Favorite Mom Hair Product

“The product that I can not live without is Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream. It’s got crushed pearl protein so it’s great for my blondes! It also locks in moisture and added shine and heat protection. It’s even great for day two or three dry hair. Just a tiny amount emulsified in hands and rubbed into ends of hair will give you a refreshed look!”

Jenna – Loveland

Jenna is a partner stylist at Studio Be Salon in Loveland. She gives us insight to how she balances being a professional hairstylist and a mom.

I love to decompress by watching my favorite shows or burying myself into a good book when my little one goes to bed. It’s my time to catch up on my day and feel like I’m doing something just for myself! One thing that makes my life easier is the Owlet Smart Sock. It was an incredible help during those first few months of having a baby. I had so much piece of mind and I could get a a good nights sleep!

Jenna – Studio Be Salon Loveland
Favorite Mom Hair Product

“The Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty anti frizz leave in treatment! It keeps keeps my hair moisturized and tames my flyaways!”

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