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Men’s Hair Styling Tips for Father’s Day

By June 13, 2024About, Brands, Products

 Men’s Hair Styling Tips for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner, and there’s no better time to help the dads in your life look and feel their best. Whether you’re a dad yourself or looking to pamper one, a fresh and stylish haircut can make all the difference. At Studio Be Salon, we specialize in men’s hair styling, offering a range of services and products to keep your hair looking sharp and well-groomed. Here are some tips and product suggestions to help you achieve the perfect Father’s Day look.

Classic Cuts and Modern Styles

Men’s hair styling has come a long way, with a variety of options to suit different tastes and lifestyles. Here are a few popular styles that we recommend: 

  • Crew cut: A classic and timeless haircut that features a close, tapered cut at the back and sides of the head with slightly longer hair on top which is often styled forward into a small quiff at the front. This haircut is easy to maintain and is perfect for men with all hair types.
  • Ivy League: A classic preppy style that is essentially just a grown-out crew cut with a neat side-parting. It is also known as a Harvard clip or Princeton. This hairstyle is similar to the crew cut, but it has longer hair on top, which can be styled to the side or left loose. 
  • Buzz cut: A simple and easy to maintain haircut that can be anywhere between a grade one and a grade six. You can keep a uniform length all over or sharpen it up with a fade on the back and sides. This haircut is a great option for men who want a low-maintenance hairstyle.
  • High and tight: A classic and masculine haircut with close-cropped back and sides and a slightly longer patch on top. It is often worn by celebrities such as Channing Tatum, Denzel Washington, and Matt Damon. This haircut is a great option for men who want a sharp and stylish look. 
  • Textured crop: One of the most popular haircuts of the last decade. It is a tousled style that’s playful up top while keeping things crisp at the back and sides. It is styled with a textured wax or clay, and the style is usually pushed forwards with a short fringe at the front. This haircut is a great option for men who want a stylish and modern look.
  • Pompadour: A hairstyle from the 1950s that requires some length on top. The hair is brushed up and back and styled into place with pomade to create height and shine. It can be paired with a taper or fade at the back and sides, or if the hair is kept longer, it can be slicked back behind the ears to a point at the back of the head. This haircut is a great option for men who want a classic and stylish look.
  • Quiff: A hairstyle for men with short hair on the back and sides, and longer hair on top. The longer hair is styled forwards and up to the side using product and a comb. It is described as a “little brother” to the pompadour, but not as dramatic. This haircut is a great option for men who want a stylish and modern look that is easy to maintain. 
  • Slick back: A hairstyle that is grown out and then combed back and styled into place with some pomade or gel. It can be worn with long sides that are slicked back or with an undercut for a more modern touch. This haircut is a great option for men who want a sleek and sophisticated look.

Essential Products for Men’s Hair Styling

To keep your hair looking its best, it’s important to use high-quality professional products. Here are some of our top recommendations available at Studio Be Salon:

  • R+Co Sand Castle Dry Texture Crème: Ideal for creating a messy, textured look, this crème provides a strong hold with a matte finish. It’s perfect for styles like the textured crop.

  • R+Co Bleu Super Style Crème: For those who prefer a more natural finish, this crème offers a firm hold with a low shine. It’s great for controlling frizz and adding definition to your style.

  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream: This versatile cream is suitable for all hair types and provides a medium hold with a natural shine. It’s easy to apply and can be used to achieve a variety of styles, from classic tapers to more modern cuts.

  • Mitch Clean Cut Styling Cream: This product tailors to every guy’s personal style, offering a moderate hold with a natural finish. The innovative formula features high-performing ingredients and a clean scent, making great grooming easy.

  • Mitch Steady Grip Gel: For a sleek and polished look, this gel delivers maximum hold with a high shine. It’s perfect for styles like the pompadour and works well on all hair types.

Tips for Maintaining Your Style

1. Regular Trims: To keep your hair looking sharp, schedule regular trims every 4-6 weeks. This will help maintain the shape of your cut and prevent split ends.

2. Use the Right Tools: Invest in a good quality comb or brush to help style your hair. A blow dryer can also be useful for adding volume and setting your style.

3. Conditioning: Don’t forget to condition your hair regularly to keep it healthy and hydrated. This is especially important if you use styling products frequently.

This Father’s Day, treat yourself or the dad in your life to a fresh and stylish haircut. Visit Studio Be Salon for expert advice and a personalized styling experience. Our professional stylists are here to help you look your best, offering a range of services and high-quality products to meet all your hair care needs. Book an appointment today and step into Father’s Day with confidence and style!

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