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2022 Beauty Awards Winner: Refuge Haircare

By February 15, 2023February 17th, 2023About, News, Products, Uncategorized

Refuge Haircare, a brand that prioritizes sustainability and clean beauty, has just been recognized for their exceptional products by Glamour Magazine. The brand’s shampoo and conditioner duo have been named the Best Shampoo and Conditioner in Glamour’s 2022 Beauty Awards, an annual event that celebrates the best beauty products of the year. Refuge Haircare’s commitment to creating eco-friendly, high-performance hair care products has been praised by the industry and consumers alike, and this latest accolade cements the brand’s position as a leader in the clean beauty movement.

Beth Weber – Refuge Chief Product Innovator

Beth Weber is the founder and owner of Refuge Haircare. Before launching Refuge Haircare, Beth Weber had over 25 years of experience as a stylist, colorist and founder of Studio Be Salon. We sat down with Beth and asked her some questions about Refuge haircare.

  • How did you come up with the idea for your hair product line?

We were inspired to create a treatment line originally out of necessity. A huge part of what we do at Studio Be is hair color, we were doing color on 70% of our guests every month and we needed a hair care line that could rebuild and strengthen the hair. Since hair color is a chemical change to the natural hair the condition of the hair can take a hit. Refuge was born to hydrate and protect hair from damage allowing colorist more artistic freedom.

  • What sets your products apart from others in the market?

Refuge Hair Care was formulated and developed in a salon not a boardroom. We worked with trained colorist and real clients for 3 years to determine exactly what formulas we would launch. We chose to use clean sustainable beauty ingredients, and recyclable packaging that would be good for the planet. Having access to the industries best products we made sure that Refuge Hair was bringing something special to the market.

  • You were just voted best shampoo and conditioner for frizz by Glamour magazine. Why is your product so effective in dealing with frizz?

The first step in frizz control is to not create more frizz! Shampoos that contain sulfates or other harsh cleansers create frizz by roughing up the hair cuticle. These unnecessary ingredients are not good for us or our hair they create a lather however the side affect is dry hair and scalp, anyone with wave and curl often times shows signs of frizz.  Refuge Repair + Protect clay shampoo uses white clay and coconut oil to gently cleanse and purify the hair while leaving the cuticle smooth and unchallenged. Next our Shine + Seal Conditioning Balm closes the hairs cuticle nice and tight, sealing in all the good stuff and leaving a natural reflective shine. Frizz is gone for good! 

  • How do you ensure that your products are safe and effective for all hair types?

Refuge has categorized hair into 3 separate systems or needs. With my experience of 20 years behind the chair and the help of our team of professionals at Studio Be we determined 3 major challenges to hair. Instead of a specific hair type that you think follows you for a lifetime, the reality is peoples hair needs change based on their current circumstances. People change and their hair changes with them. Taking into consideration climate, chemical processes, age, styling habits, ect. We have a system for Dry hair and scalp, a system for damaged hair prone to breakage and split ends, and a system for fine and or thinning hair. All of our formulas are designed to mix and match meaning if you have challenges in several of these categories you can use a shampoo for dry scalp and a mask for damaged hair.  

I determined from the beginning that there would be certain things that every head of hair needed and made sure that every products in our line followed those guidelines. For Refuge our Clean beauty pledge included over 100 no, no ingredients that were not good for people or the planet. On the flip side we also located sustainable ingredients that were amazing and we wanted to include in every product we offered. Baobab is an example of this. It is in every product we offer. Not only is baobab a flexible protein that strengthens hair it is incredibly moisturizing! It is cultivated by a seed that naturally falls from the baobab tree. This means the harvesting doesn’t hurt the ancient tree, it is 100% sustainable. Our source is a non-profit that uses the sale of baobab to go directly to the local women who harvest the seeds building up the community.

Refuge Haircare products are now available at Studio Be Salon, providing customers with access to high-quality, vegan haircare solutions. Studio Be Salon is dedicated to offering their customers the best possible experience, and Refuge Haircare products align perfectly with this mission.

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