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Color Enhancement Collection

Now, for the first time ever, you can have your personal, salon hair color from your stylist, to take home for self application in-between visits.

Our Color Enhancement Collection is a customized, unique and high quality formulation that we make specifically for you, in the salon, for use at home.


Extend Your Tone At Home

Do you wish you could apply a root touch up more often but can’t find time to come into the salon?

Do you use purple shampoo to tone your hair instead of the custom formulated toner that was meant for your unique color?

Do you have circumstances that prevent you from coming into see your salon as often as you should?

Studio Be Salon has you covered with our Color Enhancement Collection.

not box hair color

The Latest Technology

Until now, clients could not have unique and high quality salon hair color for at-home application.

Why couldn’t salons provide consumers with at-home salon hair color?

Hair color spoils in 30 minutes once customized and mixed for the client.

What changed?

Our technology partner developed a patent pending technology that allows our salons to seal and preserve salon hair color once it’s mixed for each of our clients to their unique specifications, that would be determined by a stylists taking into account attributes like:

Grey coverage
Hair length
Previous processing
Hair thickness

Hair stylist approved, created and packaged, at-home Hair Color made for you!

Good for the Environment

Studio Be found a technology partner that is committed to reducing the beauty industry impacts on the environment and they’ve made our Color Enhancement Kits from biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Additionally, the smart mixing technology reduces color waste by at least 25%.

color enhancement collection jars and box on countertop

Creating a New Trend

73% of hair color consumers color their hair outside of a salon.

Not anymore…

Our Color Enhancement technology platform enables our salon to service our guests with professional salon hair color for use at home!

Now our guests can have Custom Salon Hair Color & Toners Anytime, Anywhere.

See How It's Done

We’ve created several how-to videos to show you how to apply our Color Enhancement Collection at home.