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Holiday Survival Guide

By December 16, 2022About, Brands, Culture, Products
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While Christmas can be an exciting time, it can also be a big cause of stress for many of us. To take the stress out of the festive season and have a happier, chilled out Christmas, check out our Studio Be Salon Christmas survival guide with tips from our expert stylists!

1. Taylor – Do All The Holiday Activities

“As most of us, I stay very busy during the holidays at work and outside of work! But I actually LOVE doing all the festive activities with family and friends! I often remind myself that they only last so long and after the new year I can take time to slow down.”

2. Mariah – Live In The Moment

“One thing that helps me survive the holiday season is to just thrive in it. It’s a happy time a year, all my guests are in good moods, I see them ALL within a 12 week time frame it seems, instead of being so spread out like it is in other times of the year. I just remember to tell myself to be in the moment with each and every one of them. It’s a short, chaotic time but it flies by!”

3. Victoria – Give Yourself Space

“The holiday season is in full swing which can be magical and joyful, but also extremely overwhelming and stressful. There is so much that we all have going on both externally and internally. Presents to buy, events to plan, activities at work and school, Christmas music EVERYWHERE. That alone is a lot. Then we add in it being the holidays without specific loved ones, family we aren’t in touch with, or family/friend strain in general. Maybe Santa or parents can’t afford the gifts other kids are getting or your family doesn’t celebrate specific holidays. It’s such a complicated time of year for so many of us. Just remember that you’re still doing great! Remember that while you’re rushing around doing things for others, that you need to fill your cup too. Make space for you to do things you love this holiday season. Read a book, take a bath, light a candle, get yourself a massage! It important to recharge you batteries. Self-care is not selfish and you can’t give to others if you’re running on empty yourself. Take care, Happy Holidays, and hugs to all!”

4. Jenna – Self-Care

One thing that helps me survive the holiday season is self-care. I think a lot of people forget to take care of themselves during this busy season. I make sure to schedule time for myself. I love to take a hot bath with rosewater and a bath bomb while reading my favorite book. It’s also important that I get one of the ladies to make my hair look holiday ready. I know for me, when I look good, I feel good! If you want to schedule some self-care with one of our expert stylists you can call 970-416-0400 and find the perfect appointment for you! Happy Holidays!

4. One Stop Shopping at Studio Be Salon

Give a beautiful gift this holiday season with one stop shopping at Studio Be Salon. From stocking stuffers to gift certificates, give yourself, a loved one or a friend the gift of beauty. Winter is the perfect time to give the gift of gorgeous hair, and we’re making hair care irresistible with our incredible holiday deals. Check out the blog HERE!

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