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Celebrating Culture at Studio Be Salon

By September 12, 2022Uncategorized

Studio Be Salon isn’t just a hair salon–we’re a community. Our company is built on culture and core values that define who we are and how we live. We are a family and by nature we love, care for, and respect one another. One of the many ways we’re celebrating culture at Studio Be Salon is with our culture trips. On these trips we bond, celebrate successes, learn from each other, and connect with other stylists from different locations.

Studio Be Salon South Team Photo

Las Vegas Culture Trip 2022

One of the key components of our culture is our annual culture trips. Aside from having a lot of fun, they are important because they provide the team the opportunity to grow, learn and stay intact. It also gives the team the chance to build better relationships in a relaxing environment. These trips also offer the opportunity to connect with management and owners of Studio Be Salon on a more personal level.

Culture is our number one most important assets as a company. It is the glue that holds everyone together. It is what guides us in our decisions and keeps us all consistent which builds trust with guests and team. Trust is what provides everyone confidence. Our Culture is why our guests keep coming back, and why our team works so hard and is so committed.

Susan Arens – President of Studio Be Salon
L to R: Partner Stylists Mariah, Stephanie, Jenna and Paulina

Celebrating Culture Through Learning

Culture trips always include learning. This year we have panel was composed of our brilliant partner stylists. They spoke about their personal experience and answered questions from apprentices, junior and master stylists. With topics ranging from technique to professionalism, this knowledge is invaluable to our team as they grow their careers.

At Studio Be Salon our culture is our most guarded asset. When Studio Be was founded 16 years ago, team culture was the foundation of the business. We wanted to have the most talented group of individuals who went to work every day loving who they worked with and who they worked for. When the team feels connected this creates trust and when the teams feel trust it’s a safe space for growing!  

Sarah Brinkhuis – General Manager Studio Be Salon
Las Vegas Partner Stylist Panel

Celebrating Culture Through Connecting With Each Other

One of the best parts of our culture trips is the opportunity to connect with stylists from other salons. Studio Be Salon has two salons in Fort Collins, one in Loveland and a fourth in Boulder. That can make spending time with each other a challenge. Talking and communicating outside of work helps create a better sense of comfort, as well as being able to talk more freely to one another.

Culture is about fun, trust, relationships and a common goal. Our goal is to create awesome hair for our guests while having fun in a trusting business.

Stephen Adams – Artistic Director at Studio Be Salon
Old Town Fort Collins Stylists Taylor, Paige and Priscilla Hanging By The Pool

Celebrating Culture Through Success

This year on the culture trip we celebrated Fort Collins stylist Hannah‘s ten year anniversary. Hannah is an incredible leader and a perfect example of success with Studio Be Salon. We sat down and talked to her about her career, motivation and how things have changed over her ten years.

Cheslea (L) and Hannah (R) Celebrate in Las Vegas

As you can see, culture is extremely important to us. It guides our decisions and builds trust within our incredible company. When we trust each other and enjoy working together the product is better. So, if you’re looking for an expert cut, color or wash house pampering, come see the best here at Studio Be Salon.

Not sure what service to book? Need a suggestion for which stylist to go with? Call us at (970) 416-0400 from 9am to 8pm any day of the week and we’ll help you get exactly what you’re looking for!

Watch The Culture Trip Video: