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Atarashii Apprentice Program

Studio Be Salon is an approved training agent working with Atarashii Apprentice Program to train individuals looking to Cosmetology as their career choice. We are able to provide a great learning space for Atarashii registered apprentices while working under our Licensed, highly skilled and experienced Journeymen stylists.


Our salon and team can offer real Salon life experience while learning the Colorado State requirements following the Atarashii apprentice training curriculum.

The Atarashii Apprentice Program provides education, resources and a community in which to thrive, while Studio Be Salon provides a learning environment that facilitates motivated individuals to realize sustainable careers within the beauty industry.



The Atarashii Apprentice Program empowers the beauty industry through life long education and philanthropy. We believe it is our responsibility to evolve hair and beauty education, challenging the status quo, through continual commitment to creating rich, best in class, educational experiences using the latest technology and innovations.

Atarashii Apprentice Program was launched through a grass roots effort in the backroom of a salon & spa just north of Seattle, WA. We wanted to create a path for the self directed motivated adult learner.

The three founding co-owners of the Salon & Spa found that they were constantly hiring and spending a minimum of a year or more training the new hires just to find out that it was all a futile effort.There had to be a better way. Apprenticeship afforded the opportunity to hire for personality, team culture fit and drive.


Start Learning Today

We are excited to offer the opportunity for approved candidates to learn from the best while obtaining your Colorado State Cosmetology license through Atarashii Apprentice program’s on line training.

The first step is to check out the Atarashii Apprentice program website and application process. Once approved by AAP, we are able to interview approved candidates to determine if they are a good fit for Studio Be Salon’s culture, systems and team.

Good luck in your journey. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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