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10 Core Values of Studio Be Salon

By September 16, 2022Culture

At Studio Be Salon our salon culture is at the forefront of what we do. It took years to build, and we work very hard to protect it. Ten years ago we asked our staff to submit their top 10 core values. After compiling all their values, we noticed 10 common ones. These are the principals and core values that guide us today.

10 Core Values That Lead Us

Provide exceptional service by exceeding the teams and guest expectations. Put the guest experience first, every guest every time.

Do whatever it takes to do the right thing. Go above and beyond your ‘job’. Provide a positive legacy by your actions and how you make people feel.

Hiring Culture

At Studio Be Salon, recruiting like minded individuals that share similar values is very important to us. During our first interviews we ask value-oriented questions. If the applicant passes the first interviews, we invite them to spend 2-3 hours in our salon. This allows them to shadow our staff and be immersed in the culture. Not everyone can thrive in a busy salon environment. Making sure that both parties feel good about our time together is imperative. We rely on our great training and apprentice programs to ensure that our staff gives the expert 5 star service we require in our salons.

“We can train people to do hair, we can’t train them to be nice.”

Sue Arens – President of Studio Be Salon

Show through your actions what other can expect from you on a regular basis.

Together we achieve more, go above and beyond to support your team.

Promoting Culture

Promoting our culture with celebrations of our teams and individuals is very important to us. We use an internal email celebration called F.A.C.E. to find, acknowledge, celebrate and enjoy the successes. Celebrations also happen in person at each of our salons twice daily. Before each shift starts, the staff meets to cover the daily tasks and celebrate each others wins. Once a year, we go on a culture trip where everyone can ‘let their hair down’ and have fun in a non-work environment. In August of 2022 we went to Las Vegas and celebrated Fort Collins stylist Hannah’s ten year anniversary with the company.

Have a plan and work your plan. Choose your outcome and do what you say.

Treat your salon environment, team, and guest the best way you would want to be treated.

Protecting Culture

We protect our culture by holding our staff to a high standard. We ask our staff to stay familiar with our 10 core values and live by them. Another way we protect our culture is by tracking and evaluating our successes and challenges. This allows us to identify issues, solve them and move forward with our culture intact. Also, our staff is consistently evaluated on team contribution, culture participation, education attendance and more. This allows us to see who is actively contributing to the success and culture of our business and raise them up.

Actions speak louder than words. Prove your dedication with your actions.

Represent our brand and yourself with pride and protect it. Have or gain the knowledge to be the best at what you bring to the team technically and professionally.

Investing in Culture

We invest in culture with yearly family picnics, holiday parties, group educational events, and team yearly trips. For many years we would all go to Mexico. Unfortunately, Mexico has not been an option over the past few years due to travel restrictions. The last 2 years we’ve traveled to Las Vegas for some much-needed R&R and team bonding. We also invest in culture with our time. Slowing down, taking time to understand and be present with our staff is an incredible way to invest in individual and team culture.

Embrace your individuality and feed your unique potential.

Make the choice to be ‘all in’ Bring your best every day to every guest.

Check out our video from our last culture trip to Las Vegas!

Experience the Culture of Studio Be Salon

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